Brent Trenholm: Providing Pro-b Management Clients With Attainable, Customized, and Systematic Processes

Brent Trenholm – Pro-B Management

Core Values
Knowing that your words have meaning.
Always striving for meaningful collaboration, dialogue and understanding.
Keeping your word and walking the talk.
Commitment to Excellence
Never compromising on quality or service.


To be known as the internationally recognized management solutions firm propelling
manufacturing companies to greatness, so their very existence is sustainable, while enhancing the
lives of the companies, the families, and the communities that support them.


To provide Pro-B Management clients with attainable, customized, and systematic processes, that
leave their competition in the dust. Our clients will become more efficient, effective, and enjoyable
places to work. Through practical hands-on and onsite analysis, our action plan will provide a
turnkey system, putting all the parts and pieces together so they function as one.


I enjoy working within challenging environments, the busier the better I like to say. Throughout
my younger life I was always undervalued and bullied, at home, in school and at work. Although
these were tough times, I developed and grew an inner drive to succeed by looking for alternative
ways to achieve the same objective.

Often I was told to conform to the system because I would not
get anywhere if I didn’t conform. The drive I acquired gave me incredible inner strength to keep
going no matter what others said.

All this resulted in who I am and why I do what I do, as I have strong beliefs that there are some incredible people out there that only need someone to believe in them. People go deeper than fancy resumes. Opening the doors by creating supportive collaborative working environments, where workers are valued and the company is provided enhanced levels of profit is my big goal. I am a visionary and Agent of Change (enhancement).

Tell us about yourself?

• Family: Father/Grandfather – Wife Caroline (Retired teacher/educational administrator), 3 children: Jason, Jeff, Katie, 6 grandchildren
• Born in Campbell River and moved to Alberta in 1997.
• Dedicated volunteer for 30+ years in multiple communities.
• Hobbies: hockey, music, camping, scuba diving. X triathlete
• Semi-retired
• Volunteered for numerous organizations, from president, treasure, director, youth coach.
• Journeyman millwright, welder; a blue-collar guy
• Worked in Pulp & Paper for 20 yrs.
• Certified Personal Trainer business
• Elected to public office 1993 after serving many years on Parks/Rec Commission, Campbell River
• Managing multi million dollar industrial facilities
• President Pro-B Management/TVI international Consulting business.
• As GM and consultant, Reduced costs by 15%+ while increasing productivity by 20%+.
• Business Owner: Handyman Services
• Published Author “Profit Process”
• Had monthly column in local paper
• Co-owner (educational software)

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

When we all look back there are always shoulda and coulda questions. If only I did this and not that. The key is believing in yourself and your product and work your butt off.

What problem does your business solve?

Operational problems. Something that a lot of people forget is that no matter what type of business you have the structure is the same. Yes, the operation may look and have different moving pieces, but the process in all businesses is exactly the same. You need customers, (revenue) a durable product, (commodity) an operational plan, (structure) how you are going to deliver, (goals and objectives) financial accountability and most import people, communication and follow through (standards)

What is the inspiration behind your business?

For many years I watched and learned as managers fumbled the ball through poor hiring practices, execution and lack of achievable standards. All this drove me nuts, so I told myself when I get into a position of authority I would take a different approach. One of compassion, understanding and collaboration.

The operational narrative needs to change and I believe that you do not need to have an MBA to do that. A productive environment is based on two main things: culture and leadership. Culture because everyone needs to be on the same page and not only value themselves, but the job of the person beside them, actually engage and help in the greater cause. Leadership is successful when it takes the time to listen, act and set achievable standards, and share in the success of everything and everyone.

What is your magic sauce?

I am a hands of guy, who has worked through the ranks understanding tendencies and habits within all facets of the work force. From the person on the floor, planners, engineers, sales representatives, product delivery, to the manager and owner. I am a structured process person who has direct experiences in community development to working in various industrial environments. My forte was creating results in anything I dedicated my time to. One of the things that always stuck in my head was how facilities were managed. From bloated egos, hiring your buddy to hiring people based on a resume.

Many companies and managers alike lack standards and/or the ability to execute a given plan and take from ideas at inception, to making it work to successfully, and to get it out the door.
Over the years I developed an ability to read and predict outcomes based on environments and numbers. With this I found that the #1 problem with business that are struggling or have poor P&L statements is how the operation is managed and decision are made.

Using an example from the book “Good to Great”, there is a bus and everyone wants to be in the drivers seat. The problem is in how the seating structure is currently set up to what to do to optimize its functionality and improve throughput, productivity, and most importantly employee engagement while lowering operational costs.

I wrote a book called “The Profit Process” that explains more about me and my secret sauce.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

Over the years I have been blessed with many opportunities. People tell me I have experienced more than most, from working with my hands at a young age then becoming a millwright, athlete, parent, coach, involved in governmental affairs, to international travel and managing multi-million dollar companies. All of this has groomed yet kept me humble. I am setting off on another path (retirement) and spending more time with my kids, and grandchildren to spending a few winter months in Mexico with my wife.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

Life is full of challenges and you need to change course from time to time as you, your priorities and societal functions change. For me my biggest challenge was overcoming my childhood and putting in place growth strategies and letting go of certain types of people and character types.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

I am a bit of a political junky. The changes I have seen and experienced over the years leads me to one simple thing: our younger generations should always keep in mind that no matter what happens over the years, people need jobs and money to survive and that relying solely on Government and debit is not always the best solution. Being responsible for your own decisions and actions is.

Take the education that you have gained and add some practicality to it. This can only be achieved with life experience. Get some direct hands on experience and seek out a mentor or two and challenge yourself to question some of your habits and educational experiences. Society has a tendency of repeating itself. I believe this is a direct relationship to not taking the time to understand generational experiences.

When I talk about home and work mindsets, they directly relate to your chosen career and how effective you will be at them. Remember that no matter if you are 20, 30, 40, or older, if you want to reach retirement and enjoy your senior years, you need to be ready for change plan ahead and embrace it when it happens. Every 8-10 years something significant will happen. Your opinions will change as you age, because you become more educated in worldly matters, and adjust accordingly. Many years ago I was honored to be one of the speakers at a grade 12 graduation ceremony. In that speech I recited part of a poem from Robert Frost that says it all. it goes like this. The woods are lovely dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep.

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