Quin Amorim: Prolific Zone Is an Ecommerce Agency Specialized in Selling on Amazon and

Prolific Zone is an eCommerce Agency specialized in selling on Amazon and
We grow your brand, launch your products, and manage your online accounts like Amazon FBA,, and Shopify.
A friendly team, born from a passion for eCommerce, and everything related to the online selling world.
We live and breathe private label, eCommerce, Amazon FBA, and brand building

Tell us about yourself?

Online entrepreneur, who started selling online back in 1997, and has since then evolved to creating private label brands, selling professionally online using Amazon FBA, Walmart, and Shopify eCommerce stores.

My first online sale was on eBay in the late ’90s, and in 2014 switched to Amazon FBA, and since then created several brands of my own “Private Label”, and also own an Ecommerce agency where I manage several multi-million dollar accounts with my Prolific team.

I manage online products distribution, sponsored product campaigns, brand awareness, developing and launching products, and anything related to growing brands online.

With 25+ years of experience in ecommerce, I’ve helped brands sell millions of products online. My expertise ranges from scaling up and managing a global online retail business, launching new brands, to building an ecommerce marketplace for an emerging market.

As the Founder of the eCommerce agency Prolific Zone, I helped grow businesses by hundreds of millions in revenue, and even new brands as fast as zero to 1 Million in less than 5 months.

Since selling one of my brands In recent years, now I spend more time running the Ecommerce agency, as we landed many prestigious accounts, and even got asked by Amazon to a partnership in setting up new seller accounts, that will be managed by Amazon’s team and my team together.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

It would have to be something related to Covid, so I would probably tell myself to launch a toilet paper brand before Covid shows up!

What problem does your business solve?

Prolific Zone provides ecommerce management services and digital business strategies to grow brands online.

Long hours and tedious work are familiar sights for any entrepreneur, making it a breath of fresh air when we come to help. Prolific Zone is committed to providing the best online account management and consulting services that keep our client’s businesses running efficiently. From product launching to advertising, copywriting, and ongoing optimization. Growing brand exposure while keeping businesses profitable is our pleasure

What is the inspiration behind your business?

It started as a side hustle and became a strong passion.
I went from thinking daily of motorcycles, motorcycle racing, and loving weekends, to just wanting to deal with algorithms, conversions, and brand growth.

Spending all waking hours thinking about products, or masterminding with top worldwide sellers about new ideas, tips and tricks to get our brands to international recognition.

As a family man who loves spending time with family, I am very grateful for having a job that allows me to be with my kids every single day, indoor or outdoor, as long as I have an internet connection.

What is your magic sauce?

One of the toughest decisions you’ll make as a business owner is picking the perfect eCommerce agency to help you grow.

There are so many agencies out there, each promising the same thing. How do you know who to work with?

We’re not your average eCommerce agency. We’ve been doing this for many years and have built up an extensive network of eCommerce specialists and a professional team who loves what they do.

Prolific Zone is an eCommerce agency with a unique approach to eCommerce marketing that has been proven to work. We provide hands-on, strategic consultation and ongoing optimization based on your goals. Our services are based on your needs, not ours. We don’t do cookie-cutter packages!

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

The plan for the next 5 years is to grow my team to 80 people, and have a third location in Canada, one in the USA, and one in Europe (Portugal)

We do not want to be the biggest, but we want to be the best ecommerce agency in the world. The one that people talk about when someone asks for an agency referral.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

Believe it or not, we have challenges almost daily!

One of the challenges comes from dealing with our biggest platform: Amazon

Amazon is so big that it is impossible to have human beings check listings, therefore listings get checked by Amazon bots that trigger false positives.

At the time of this interview, we have 23 clients in the health supplement space and an average of 276 SKUs in the health category, this causes daily requests of certifications, acceptable claims, etc

But the biggest challenge was by far when in 2019 Amazon couldn’t handle all the shipments into their FBA warehouses, due to a lack of employees with Covid.

For months, only “essential Items” could be shipped to Amazon, so all others ended up running out of stock, causing many millions in loss of sales.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

We want to help as many Amazon sellers as possible, so If anyone wants to learn more about us, you can visit Prolific Zone ( or listen to my podcast QA Selling Online (

We often hire people who want to learn and work with our ecommerce team, so our LinkedIn is also a good page to follow (

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