4 Steps To Create A Social Media Strategy For An NPO

September 26, 2022
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Strategic planning is a key secret to the successful positioning and promotion of each non-profit organization. Today you will learn how to complete a Social Media Strategy for your NPO in 4 simple steps. This strategy should contain the main aspects of how your NPO will approach Social Media and its audience there. First things first, you have to figure out what your audience wants in general.

Step 1: Describe your nonprofit

This step is the basic one you cannot miss in any case. Before you move on and start doing something you should clearly define what your organization is and how you are going to position it to your audience. For example, if you are operating a nonprofit that helps people to be healthy, think about “your target audience” and imagine that you have to convince them to support your initiative and attend some of your events.

When a business organization completes an SMM strategy they usually use the results of a SWAT analysis, completed for marketing strategy. Each NPO can do similar research to understand which positioning is better for it. For the healthy organization it might be great to position in a way that inspires the people to take care of themselves, be physically active and develop good habits. The main objectives of this investigation are to understand what activities of your organization should be covered and explained on Social Media, learn how other NPOs are using Social Media to promote their activities, and create a unique social proposition for an organization. For example, your youth center is organizing and running free language courses for youngsters in your region. The results of your investigation might look the following way:


  • Free and quality information for the youth
  • Native speakers, teaching foreign languages


  • Weak profiles on Social Media
  • Limited courses available


  • Add new courses
  • Open teaching centers in other districts


  • Different limitations for offline teaching
  • High cost of running an NPO office

Step 2: Decide on your objectives

You should decide on the objectives you want to reach with running your Social Media activities. For example:

  • Raise your NPO Brand Awareness
  • Promote your planned activity for Giving Tuesday in Canada
  • Increase traffic on your website
  • Attract more donors to your organization
  • Work on the loyalty of your audience and increase its trust level

When you decide on the main objectives you can form smaller ones within each one to make it easier to proceed. For example, you can define to increase traffic on your website as your first main objective and break it down into smaller objectives that include.

Step 3: Analyze how other NPOs are presented on Social Media and analyze your audience

Try to understand what techniques and methods of Social Media Marketing other NPOs use to apply the working ones to your organization’s profiles. On Facebook, active fanpages can be formed that are a great basis for bringing in new supporters. You can achieve this by inviting users to share their thoughts and opinions on a relevant topic using comment fields, or simply by posting video clips. For example, you might include more video content and explain the importance of learning new languages in your youth center or invite more people to join your projects by explaining the importance of their participation through statistical data.

Step 4: Decide on the channels and prepare a Content Calendar Template for each one

When you know your audience, you know which Social Media it uses. Do not try to be on each existing Social Media! Think about the different networks that your audience is using (and make sure to take a look at how teens are using them ) and select 2-3 channels that you want to develop your content. If they are on TikTok mostly and prefer video content then you do not need to spend time preparing long publications for Facebook, for example. If you need both then prepare a Content Calendar Template you will adjust for each Social Media weekly, monthly, or seasonally. It will help you track the progress and implement necessary changes in a fast and efficient way.

That’s it! Then you will need only to work on the precise promotion techniques that will depend on your possibilities and objectives. Start creating your Social Media Strategy today to reach your social goal ASAP. That’s it! Then you will need only to work on the precise promotion techniques that will depend on your possibilities and objectives.


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