5 Key People In A Startup Marketing Without Whom The Project Will Not Take Off

July 18, 2023
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About 90% of startups close in the first year of their existence. Despite this number, investors are willing to continue to participate in the development of new projects. So, the main task of startup marketing is to find the perfect match in terms of specialists to convince investors to invest in the project.

According to Campaign Monitor, 56.9% of startups have a marketing team.

Over time, the CEO cannot bear all the functions. Thus, there is a need to look for people in the team who will work on a startup with you.

People In a Startup Are More Important Than Money

When opening a startup, a lot of attention should be paid to the marketing team. In a start-up business, there can be either two people or ten. Of course, you can work alone, but the efficiency of work will depend on this: the likelihood of errors and quick burnout will be higher.

In addition, the level of competence and knowledge in a particular area is different for each person. Therefore, you should not doom your business to failure, because about 23% of startups cite the wrong team as the reason for their failure.

So, what kind of employees must be in the project to bring success to the company?

Marketing Director

At the beginning of the company’s development, he plays the role of a marketer rather than a director, then the priority of the roles changes places.

His list of tasks includes:

  • Organization and coordination of the marketing department;
  • Generation of ideas;
  • Drawing up a business plan;
  • Analysis of promising directions for the development of the project.

In addition, he creates advertising campaigns to increase brand awareness and help increase sales.

The marketing director in most cases has good strategic vision and team management skills. Another of the most important traits of a person in this position is empathy towards the target audience and their team.

CMOs tend to grow vertically. So it makes sense for this position to either take on people who grew up in your company from a marketer or analyst position, or look for marketers who have risen elsewhere and are looking for development at a strategic level.

Product Manager

According to the survey, 55% of product managers choose to work in small or medium-sized companies. And the reason is the flexibility that these enterprises offer, combined with the willingness to try new things.

The role of product manager can be taken by the founder or CEO. This employee must know everything about the product that customers will use.

Tasks of the product manager:

  • Allocation of technical team resources;
  • Assignment of technical tasks;
  • Company performance tracking.

A product manager is in many ways an entrepreneur and the CEO of their product. It is important that he can clearly feel how a particular business works, how everything is interconnected, and be involved in the process.

Good product managers can be entrepreneurs who have previously launched their own businesses. They can also be people with systems thinking who come from marketing management or product marketing.


Nowadays, it’s an almost impossible task to promote your product with visuals in online format. So it is important to take care of placing a business online. In addition, a nice design provides 75% of the credibility of the company’s website.

At the first stages, the role of the designer is quite flexible. He is responsible for:

  • The packaging of the product itself;
  • Creation of advertising design of the company, goods and services.
  • The ability to visually convey information and the mission of the company correctly is an important factor for both a startup and a large corporation.

A designer should not go into taste, because today design is far from being only about taste, but also about fulfilling business tasks.

Every year design becomes more and more about metrics, that is, it can be calculated. Therefore, the designer needs to display the company’s message in such a way that it is possible to track the growth of conversion.

A designer must be able to work well in conjunction with a copywriter. Both positions are responsible for the meanings, although in their different manifestations. Working in unison, they can convey to the user organically complementary key messages that will build the necessary associations and brand loyalty.

Marketing Analyst

Marketing data analysts are the backbone of any organization. They are well versed in quantitative and qualitative market analysis, carefully study statistics, interpret the results and help the company understand the impact of its marketing strategies.

The position requires them to conduct all research for the development and promotion of the project.

In business areas where interaction with customers is complex and multi-stage, the CRM system is considered the main analytics tool, where all actions and results are recorded. It often happens that in the early stages it is implemented in ASAP mode, and then they simply load huge amounts of data into it, cluttering it up. So analysis is very important. It is also the case for slot games, so play money train 2 and show all your potential in gambling.

At some point, the responsibility for CRM in our project floated between teams, the system was overgrown with data and became a very large repository of information, which was difficult to understand.

It helped to increase overall efficiency and move to a more meaningful approach to using data, which means an increase in conversion, when we allocated an individual for this function, who began to systematically develop this performance measurement tool.

The main thing for a marketing data analyst is to be “on you” with the numbers. It is important not only to be able to collect numbers, but also to see the relationship between them in order to determine where more effort is needed to get the best result.

Often in a startup, the resource is limited, and in the face of these restrictions, it is important to hit on target. Just a marketing analyst can help to do this.

This is a fairly young profession, so you can look for related specialists for this position. People from mathematical universities with strong analytical skills, graduates of statistical analysis courses can be a great addition to your team.


The goal of copywriting is to clearly communicate the benefits of a product to the consumer and also help your business rank higher in search engines through text.

To achieve this, you need to understand the psychology of people and what makes them make a purchase. So a copywriter is a specialist responsible for all company texts. Very much everything related to writing. This goes from product descriptions on the website to press releases for the media.

The main quality of a copywriter is the ability to get to the bottom of the entire amount of information that he receives at the input and determine what will play the greatest role at the output.

The copywriter must know how to cut a lot of data into the very words that best communicate the company’s key messages and values to the user.

Multiplicity and the ability to accurately formulate a thought are possible only if the copywriter is also a good researcher who is able to analyze information.

For copywriters, the most important thing is experience in analyzing information on various topics under tight deadlines and turning it into meanings.

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