Alberta’s Pioneering Service Startups: A New Era of Innovation

October 28, 2023


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Making equipment maintenance a breeze, Scription offers subscription maintenance plans for commercial and industrial equipment, ensuring smooth operations and longevity.

4pi Lab

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Revolutionizing geolocation, 4pi Lab has developed a technology that boasts impeccable accuracy, opening new possibilities in various fields.


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A game-changer in the world of logistics, Deeleeo offers on-demand crowdshipping delivery services, ensuring businesses and consumers receive packages the same day.

Roshan Water™ Solutions

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Contributing to a cleaner world, Roshan Water™ facilitates on-the-spot environmental monitoring with real-time water testing solutions.

Fuse Insurance

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Democratizing commercial insurance, Fuse Insurance offers a fully digital platform for businesses to secure their operations.


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Making business transactions seamless, RECEIPT DEPOT offers comprehensive bookkeeping solutions, ensuring every transaction detail is meticulously recorded.


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Crafting the world map, GeoVerra specializes in geospatial services, aiding industries from oil & gas to construction with accurate land surveys.


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Simplifying household chores, MopSpot is the go-to platform for professional and hassle-free cleaning services.


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Transforming laundry services, LaundryWell provides top-notch dry cleaning and laundry solutions, giving garments the care they deserve.

True You Salon & Spa

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A place to rejuvenate, True You Salon & Spa offers a range of salon and spa services, ensuring customers look and feel their best.


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Enhancing business communications, OPEN CALL CENTRE provides diverse services from call center solutions to real estate coaching.

High Rise Window Cleaners

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Specializing in building aesthetics, High Rise Window Cleaners offers top-tier window cleaning and building maintenance services.


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Easing the moving process, Tolle connects clients with drivers, assisting in basic moving and labor needs.


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A beacon of hope in medical tech, BlockMD provides a telemedicine platform for patients with substance use disorders, ensuring they receive the care they need.

Eye-deology Vision Care

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Looking after the windows to the soul, Eye-deology Vision Care offers top-quality eye care services, ensuring optimal vision and health.

Alberta’s service industry startups are paving the way for a brighter and more efficient future. With their innovative solutions and dedication, these companies are set to make a significant impact in their respective domains.

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