Allied Venture Partners Invests First $1M into Tech Startups

July 24, 2021

CALGARY, Jul 23, 2021: Today, Allied Venture Partners is excited to announce it has invested more than $1M into early-stage technology startups while helping to close nearly $13M in total funding since its October 2020 debut.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, AlliedVP invests in early-stage technology companies from across North America, with a focus on driving additional foreign investment into Western Canada’s technology ecosystem while providing local investors with greater diversification and access to high-potential deal flow.

“Crossing the $1 Million mark in just nine short months is an exciting milestone. As the economic impact from Covid-19 continues to affect the local oil & gas industry, investor mindsets are expanding to include high-growth & innovative industries, like technology. Coupled with additional government stimulus into our burgeoning technology sector, Western Canada continues to be one of North America’s fastest-growing technology hubs,” says Matthew Wilson, Founder and Managing Director at Allied Venture Partners. “Several major funding announcements have helped to put our technology ecosystem on the map, namely from local tech companies Symend, Athennian, Benevity, Neo Financial, Absorb Software… and the list goes on. Alberta continues to emerge as a global AI & ML hub, with the number of technology companies more than doubling since 2018, to more than 3,000.“

Allied Venture Partners was founded as a means of driving experienced outside capital into Western Canada’s technology ecosystem while providing local investors with greater access to high-potential deal flow from established VC markets.

“Early indications show that our alternative outside-in model is working exceptionally well, having already given local investors access to numerous venture-scale technology opportunities alongside top-tier VCs. Concurrently, our diverse investor network has grown exponentially, now with more than 700 members globally” said Wilson.

“Our investor network not only includes angels, VCs & institutional funds but also a wealth of entrepreneur/operators, from senior engineers at Google & Amazon to founders and C-suite executives at billion-dollar tech unicorns. In addition, the launch of our Scout Program has been a key growth driver, and we are now at the exciting inflection point where we can showcase our promising local tech startups to a globally diverse & experienced network of technology investors.”

AlliedVP’s first $1M was invested across five companies ranging from Seed to Series A, along with one follow-on investment. Industries include Gaming, Blockchain, FinTech, Enterprise SaaS, MarTech, Finance & Consumer Marketplaces.

“Most importantly, we are seeing early indications of establishing the brand we set out to build,” said Wilson. “We’re attracting the types of highly talented, passionate & innovative entrepreneurs we aspire to work with, and they are choosing to partner with us as they build world-class companies.”

About Allied Venture Partners:

AlliedVP is one of Canada’s largest angel investor groups dedicated to diversifying Western Canada’s funding ecosystem for technology entrepreneurs and investors. The group’s threefold strategy aims to broaden the pool of available capital for local startups, provide local investors with greater portfolio diversification via outside deal flow opportunities, while acting as a trusted conduit among foreign investors wishing to gain access to Canada’s fastest-growing technological hub. AlliedVP is headquartered in Calgary, Canada with a satellite office in Sydney, Australia. Startups can apply for backing and investors can join the group free of charge by visiting

Find out more about them on their social platforms:





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