AOMS Technologies Introduces LumiNode Plus Concrete Sensing Solution

August 25, 2021
LumiNode Plus Product

Next-generation system offers direct cloud connectivity for remote concrete monitoring, saving costs and enhancing job efficiency, quality, and safety

TORONTO, ON – August 24, 2021 – AOMS Technologies, a leader in advanced IoT sensing solutions for construction and industrial applications, has launched the LumiNode Plus concrete sensing solution, the company’s newest addition to its industry-leading LumiCon™ Smart Construction Platform product suite. 

LumiNode Plus is an all-new advanced wireless sensing solution for the concrete industry that offers direct cloud connectivity, enabling instant streaming of concrete temperature and maturity data directly to the cloud without the need for extra devices such as network gateways, repeaters, or signal boosters. These advancements significantly reduce the capital cost of concrete monitoring and enhance reliability for cloud connectivity. 

“With LumiNode Plus, contractors can access critical information on concrete temperature and maturity data from anywhere in the world and on any device, so they can make informed, efficient decisions, ultimately saving project time and cost,” said Amir Azhari, Co-founder and CCO at AOMS Technologies. “The enhanced flexibility of this solution adds value across a variety of construction project types, including linear, roadwork, or rail projects where installation of gateways can be challenging.” 

Boasting a state-of-the-art low-power design and USB battery recharging, LumiNode Plus allows for continuous operation over long periods of time and is completely reusable across multiple projects, representing a more environmentally sustainable alternative to fully embedded concrete sensors. Specially designed and built tough for construction, LumiNode Plus is rated at IP68 and enclosed with a protective shield, enabling it to withstand any environmental conditions at construction sites.

Compared to other concrete sensing solutions, LumiNode Plus is easy to install without any changes in the site workflow. It pairs with embedded high-accuracy multi-point sensing cables, with customization enabling horizontal and vertical temperature monitoring regardless of the depth or complexity of concrete pours. LumiNode Plus also comes with a built-in temperature sensor for ambient temperature measurement, providing simultaneous insight into job site environmental conditions.

LumiNode Plus is now available. Visit for more information.

About AOMS Technologies

AOMS Technologies empowers industrial users with mission-critical insights anywhere and anytime to build a safer, more resilient, and more sustainable future. We are leading the global digital transformation by developing the world’s best interconnected solutions for generating actionable insights from assets and processes, to enhance efficiency and productivity, reduce operational costs, increase safety, and improve environmental sustainability. Our solutions are deployed globally in construction sites, power generation infrastructure, refineries, renewable energy projects, heavy manufacturing plants, and environmental remediation sites. To learn more about how AOMS Technologies is advancing the construction industry through superior sensor technology and analytics, visit or follow the company

Media Contact: 

Ariane Mandell ([email protected])

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