Augmented Reality Awakens: Toronto’s Top 15 AR Innovators Transforming the Tech Landscape

November 13, 2023

MetaVRse: The 3D Communication Revolution
MetaVRse is not just an AR company; it’s a pioneer in web-based 3D communication. Offering a low-code, real-time creation platform, MetaVRse is reshaping how we interact in digital spaces, from business collaborations to cultural exchanges.

TRYON Technology: Redefining Jewelry E-Commerce
Jewelry shopping is entering a new era with TRYON Technology. Leveraging AI, TRYON is revolutionizing the online jewelry buying experience, making it more interactive and personalized.

Xesto: The E-Commerce Game Changer
Xesto stands at the forefront of e-commerce innovation. Through advanced computer vision technology, Xesto is transforming how consumers engage with products online.

Quantum Capture: AI-Powered Virtual Humans
At Quantum Capture, the focus is on enhancing customer engagement through virtual humans. This unique approach uses AI to create more immersive and satisfying customer experiences.

Metaghiti: Navigating the Metaverse
Dive into the future with Metaghiti. Specializing in a range of technologies from VR and AR to blockchain and cryptocurrency, Metaghiti is a key player in shaping the virtual world.

GIMME360: Tailored AR Solutions
GIMME360 offers bespoke augmented reality solutions, showcasing how AR can be adapted to various industries and needs.

MenuThat: The Future of Digital Menus
Experience dining like never before with MenuThat. Their AR app brings digital menus to life, offering 3D models of food items for an enhanced ordering experience.

SilicoLabs: Training the Future
SilicoLabs is a trailblazer in education and training, enabling the creation of immersive 2D and 3D tasks to train both humans and AI across various platforms.

Zesty Market: Monetizing the Metaverse
Zesty Market provides innovative marketing and business tools, empowering users to advertise and monetize their creations in the metaverse.

Geescore™: Revolutionizing Job Hunting
With Geescore™, jobseekers can get instant scoring for any job posting, integrating AR to enhance the job search and application process.

SpaceCard: The VR Postcard Pioneer
SpaceCard is redefining how spaces are showcased with their innovative VR Postcards, offering a new dimension to real estate and space visualization.

XR Ignite: Connecting AR Startups and Corporates
XR Ignite is more than a company; it’s a community hub and virtual accelerator that bridges the gap between AR startups and corporate clients.

Zileej: Inspiring Playful Experiences
Zileej brings a unique touch to AR, focusing on playful and inspiring experiences that push the boundaries of imagination.

Turnout: Personalizing Social Gatherings
Turnout is revolutionizing social interactions by using AR and machine learning to create more personalized and interactive social gatherings.

thynq3D: Creative Mixed Reality Solutions
At thynq3D, the focus is on developing mixed reality products that cater to the unique needs of enterprises, blending creativity with technology.

Toronto’s AR scene is bustling with innovation and creativity. These 15 companies are just the tip of the iceberg in a city rapidly becoming a global hub for augmented reality technology.

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