Canadian Pride – 9 Of The Most Innovative Canadian Designed Products

March 21, 2022
Canadian Pride - 9 Of The Most Innovative Canadian Designed Products

Canada has always been a place for great innovation. Edison bought the patent of the telephone and the lightbulb from Canadian inventors. The pacemaker and the space shuttle’s robotic arm also both come from Canada. Let’s take a look at some of the most innovative Canadian designed products and inventions from past and present.

IMAX Cinema

IMAX cinema is recognized as the definitive moviegoing experience. IMAX cinema was developed in Montreal by a small group of Canadian filmmakers. They synced together nine projectors and created the first ever huge-screen movie experience.

This started as an experiment at a 1967 Expo. In 1971 a permanent projection system was installed in Toronto. Now there are more than 800 IMAX cinemas. They are in 57 countries all over the world.

The IMAX company has famously collaborated with many great movie directors such as James Cameron, Michael Bay, Christopher Nolan, and Tim Burton.

Eigen Innovations

Eigen Innovations was founded by Scott Everett. He had a fascination with vehicles even as a young child. He studied mechanical engineering and then moved into the auto industry. His company uses AI technology and predictive analytics to improve the efficiency of car-part makers.

The aim is to increase the number of car parts that can be produced per hour. This is achieved by analyzing data that has already been collected along with data from sensors and video imaging.

When a new material is introduced, this can considerably slow down the manufacturing process. Eigen Innovations technology can automatically tell when something changes and tell factory staff how to run their machines more efficiently.

They were founded in 2012 and now do business in Japan, Mexico, the US, and Europe. They are now looking to expand this technology beyond the auto industry.


The EffyDesk AeryChair is an ergonomic office chair. It will help to affect your blood flow and the way that nutrients circulate around your body. Using an AeryChair can help to prevent neck strains and back pain.

They use mesh material that provides breathability and comfort. This means no more sweating in the summer or cold surfaces in the winter. The AeryChair offers a high back and neck support. It also provides lumbar support for people of all different heights.

You can adjust the seat height, the arms, the seat depth, and the back inclination. It’s also extremely durable. Whether you are a gamer or work online, these office chairs offer a ton of innovation to provide customers with the best experience for comfort and health.


Airline and hotel prices are constantly fluctuating. This can give customers anxiety around wondering when is the best time to book. Frederic Lalonde is the founder and CEO of Hopper, and his aim is to provide a solution.

He realized that travelers living on a budget would like to know when to pull the trigger on bookings. It took $12 million and six years, but he has found a way to use AI to search through online pricing data and predict the best booking times.

More than 100 million trips have been booked through the Hopper travel app. This makes it the most popular travel app in all of North America. Hopper now plans to use predictive analysis to help people save money on excursions and travel insurance.


We all know the walkie-talkie. This famous product was invented for the Canadian military during World War 2. At first, they were simply called two-way field radios, and this great technological invention was largely ignored. Once the military realized how valuable they could be, walkie-talkies really took off.

At first, walkie-talkies were used by bush pilots who were flying between mining sites. In the modern day, they are used by security staff working in buildings and as popular children’s toys.


In 2007 Ecobee created the world’s first ever wi-fi smart thermostat. The company has helped millions of people to manage their energy consumption at home. They own around a third of the smart-thermostat market.

Smart-home technology is a hugely growing market. It is projected to hit $100 billion by 2025. Ecobee’s thermostat uses temperature and occupancy sensors to deliver comfort to people in their homes while also saving money on heating and cooling costs.


This is undeniably Canada’s most famous achievement in the world of robotics and technology. The Canadarm is 15 meters long. It is a remote-controlled mechanical arm in space. It can capture and repair satellites, help to position astronauts, move cargo and maintain equipment.

On Earth, this robotic arm could lift over 30,000 kg. In the vacuum of space, it can lift 266,000 kilograms. It debuted in 1981 on the Space Shuttle Columbia. It was retired in July of 2011.


CarbonCure’s technology is being used in 132 plants around the world. The company aims to reduce CO2 emissions from concrete production. As the concrete is being mixed, they inject waste CO2. It then reacts with calcium ions, is converted into a mineral, and gets locked inside the concrete. This prevents CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

CarbonCure charges their customers a monthly licensing fee. They have financial backing from Breakthrough Energy Ventures. This includes Michael Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates as part of the investor group.

The Pacemaker

John Hopps was a Canadian electrical engineer. He created the first cardiac pacemaker in 1950. He did this by looking at the effects of radio heating frequency on hypothermia. He found that a heart that wasn’t beating could be restarted with electrical or artificial stimulation.

Through his research, he was able to start a dog’s heart successfully. The pacemaker was first implanted in a human body in 1958. The pacemaker has successfully saved millions of lives. Even its inventor had a pacemaker implanted later in life.

In Summary

Canada is at the leading edge when it comes to the fields of science and technology. Canadians have designed many products that have helped to make people comfortable, provide entertainment, or save lives.

In this article, we had a rundown of some of the products and inventions of the past and the present that have shown groundbreaking innovation.

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