Review: Start Your Trading Journey Smoothly In 2023

March 24, 2023 Review: Start Your Trading Journey Smoothly In 2023

Trading in the Forex market can really be very crucial when it comes to growing wealth. Yet it’s interesting to note that a brokerage platform truly influences your trading journey. It might often be very difficult tofind the right brokerage platform for you. But one of the key things that you should look into while selecting a brokerage platform is the ease of account opening. Account opening is crucial – and a seamless account opening process is what EconomyPair is known for. The has been very positive when it comes to the seamless account opening process. 

In this article we will discuss the account opening steps with this platform. We shall also delve into the documents that are required for opening an account with EconomyPair

So let us get started without any further ado.

Why is a seamless account opening process crucial for any brokerage account?

A seamless account opening process is quite crucial when it comes to any brokerage firm. There are three major reasons for it:

  1. Gain confidence: As a Forex trader, personally, anytime when I go ahead to open an account with any brokerage platform, the first step that I’m taking must be free of any hurdles. Any obstacle might force me to backout. 
  2. Growth in trust: Trust is very crucial when we deal with monetary affairs. Only once we can trust the brokerage platform shall we be able to proceed further in making bigger transactions. 
  3. Enhance user experience: A brokerage platform that offers a seamless account opening process is staying ahead of its competitors in the domain of user experience. A good user experience will attract further leads, and EconomyPair has been quite positive when it comes to making users feel comfortable. 

EconomyPair: Seamless account opening process to get you started

To go ahead and open an account with EconomyPair, follow the steps as below:

  1. Click on the get started option that is present at the top right corner.
  2. The registration page opens. In the registration page, fill up the details regarding your personal information like your name, surname, email address, country, phone number and language.
  3. If you have a promo code as shared by any of your friends, make sure you enter it to avail yourself of some excellent discounts.
  4. Check on the consent box and the age parameter. Then, click on Get Started. 
  5. You will receive a mail in your email id, wherein you can click on the link for the activation of your trading account. 

That is the last step which is required by you in order to register as a Forex trader with EconomyPair. 

Documents needed for seamless account opening process at EconomyPair

There are two major documents that are required for opening an account with A government issued National Identification Certificate is something that the locals would require. Often the document list would also add up a residential proof like the utility bill.

If you are a foreigner who is looking forward to opening an account with EconomyPair, a copy of the passport document is also recommended. 

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