Emerging EdTech Startups Flourishing in Toronto’s Canadian Startup Ecosystem

January 29, 2024

Canada’s burgeoning EdTech scene is gaining momentum as startups in the space are offering innovative solutions to pressing educational needs. Shrugging off the effects of the pandemic, these startups stand at the intersection of technology and learning, working towards harnessing the power of digital technologies to transform education. Headquartered in Toronto, these innovators are pushing the boundaries of how knowledge is disseminated and how learning is perceived.

These ventures, established in or post-2020, are pioneering trends in E-Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics while driving a meaningful impact on the current learning landscape. Whether startups are democratizing education with culturally responsive multi-media content or predicting the academia performance, the EdTech space in Toronto is buzzing. Here, we highlight some of these ambitious startups.

Each startup has been profiled based on its unique value proposition and the strides it has made within the EdTech industry. Below is an introduction to each startup, providing you with a sneak peek into their vision and innovation.

Tech Spark Canada

Founded by entrepreneur Tamar Huggins, Tech Spark is transforming education through its data-driven Spark Plug platform. Serving middle school students, the company uses AI and machine learning to create personalized content tailored for each learner. The culturally responsive content helps teachers educate students in a way that acknowledges their unique cultural intelligence.


Formaloo, founded by Amir Hashemi, Farokh Shahabi, Hasan Noori, and Mehrnoosh Baratpour, empowers businesses to create custom data-driven applications. Its no-code platform enables organizations to build business applications, automate workflows, and collect insights to drive data-informed decisions. With its user-friendly interface, Formaloo is ensuring that businesses do not need data experts to leverage their data.

Apex Academy Online

For students seeking credits towards Ontario Secondary School Diploma, Apex Academy has ensured that their academic progress isn’t hampered. Its online platform provides a flexible and student-centric asynchronous learning environment. With teacher and guidance counselor supports available, it gives students the freedom to study at their own pace.


Striving to make every immigrant’s journey effortless, HumanSquad offers an array of resources and customized support. Its technology platform makes immigration services accessible–a testament to the role EdTech can play in simplifying complex processes for individuals.


Skillqore, under the leadership of Aayush Kathuria, employs AI-based systems to support lifelong learning. Their platform allows individuals and groups alike to discover a broad range of learning content from multiple online sources, personalised to individual needs and study progresses.

Blue Harvest

Co-founded by Dan Lampman, Blue Harvest is a software company operating in the EdTech domain. With a team that’s as blue-blooded as it’s moniker, it aims to harvest solutions that deliver value.

Bluekey AI

Bluekey AI, established by founder Peter Han, is an AI-powered guidance platform providing a competitive edge to higher education students. The technology assists students in improving their academic performance and optimizing their chances of university admissions.


This EdTech startup is blending learning with technology to deliver an enhanced learning experience. iBlüm offers educational software solutions that empower students and transform learning environments.


Combining finance education with technology, 1800BITCOIN provides exposure and educational resources for the growing Bitcoin market. By selling Bitcoin directly to consumers, they are making cryptocurrency increasingly accessible.

Ace It

Founded by Jai Mansukhani and Pashan Sidhwa, Ace It, contributing significantly to the EdTech segment, offers a holistic digital companion for learners. Their aim is to assist students in their educational journey, increasing efficiency through their technologically advanced app.


Representing the spirit of peer learning, AskAStudent.net offers an innovative platform for students worldwide. This platform enables university aspirants to schedule informational calls with current students, offering an opportunity to provoke conversations and knowledge exchange among peers.

These startups promise not only to enhance the education landscape in Canada but also set a benchmark in the global EdTech industry. They symbolise the innovative spirit of the Canadian startup scene, emphasising how technology and entrepreneurship can lead to transformative solutions in education.

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