Exploring Toronto’s Innovative Canadian Retail Tech Startups Revolutionizing the Industry

January 29, 2024

Canada has long had a thriving startup scene, particularly in cities such as Toronto, Ontario. Companies are developing novel and innovative Retail Technology solutions to address a variety of challenges. This evolution in Retail Technology has spawned startups that have made remarkable strides in the industry since their inception in 2020 or later, contributing to the sector’s steady progress. This piece highlights some of the new startups that set the benchmark for the future of Retail Technology.

The companies mentioned in this article work in fields as diverse as e-commerce, Retail, analytics, Big Data, Information Technology, Software, E-Commerce Platforms, Payments, Hardware, Smart Cities, and Food Delivery. Despite the diversity of these industries, the startups share a common goal: to use technology to improve retail processes, increase efficiency, and offer better solutions for businesses and consumers.

With their novel offerings and progressive tactics, these startups are not only making a profound impact in Canada but also establishing Toronto as a global hub for Retail Technology innovation. Here are some of these paradigm-shifting startups that deserve special recognition and attention in the Retail Technology industry.

NowVertical Group

NowVertical Group, co-founded by Daren Trousdell, is a Big Data, analytics, and Vertical Intelligence (VI) software and services company. Their VI solutions are designed to create high-value, predictive outcomes and facilitate automatic vertical-specific processes. More details about NowVertical Group can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Erdos Ventures

With their advanced technology, Erdos Ventures evaluates, acquires, and operates a portfolio of highly valuable niche e-commerce brands at scale. For additional information, you can visit their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Aaron Adams, Nicole Royer, and Richard D’Souza, Nishe emerges as one of the cutting-edge Retail Technology startups, offering premier solutions for the E-Commerce industry. To learn more about Nishe, check out their LinkedIn page.


Co-founded by Adam Mouyal, Taliup leverages information technology to transform the hotel, payments, and retail technology industries. Further details about this innovative startup can be found on the company’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Stage Meta

Stage Meta, started by Azam Mohabatian and Vito Ak, is focused on creating an advanced Metaverse. The company aims to shape the future of the Metaverse using state-of-the-art, blockchain-based technologies. Learn more about Stage Meta on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


extrAbility, a Toronto-based startup, creates smart and modular mini-stores around the city. Offering a novel solution in the Retail Technology industry, extrAbility paves the way for a future where convenience and innovation are intertwined. Learn more about extrAbility on their LinkedIn page.

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