How do Cryptocurrency Exchanges Work?

June 18, 2022
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Cryptoassets are unregulated investment products that are highly volatile and require a cryptocurrency exchange to be managed effectively. The main purpose of these crypto exchanges is to serve as a middleman between the crypto market and you. When you want to make a trade, it is required to find a party that will take the opposite side. This is the action that crypto exchanges perform for a meager operations fee.

The major contrast between the traditional brokers and these crypto exchanges is the exchange’s ability to let traders fund their accounts with digital currency. Many times, this suffices as a cheaper option for depositing cash in FIAT although not all the time. Then if you eventually make some profit from your investment, you can withdraw the proceeds through the exchange and spend them on whatever you like.

How to select the best Crypto Exchange

The best crypto exchanges provide different resources, such as Bitcoin profit, which can help users make the most of crypto volatility.

If you’re looking to select an exchange to handle your investment and transactions, here are some key factors you should consider while you research;


You must choose a regulated exchange because you’re ensured of a certain level of investor protection. With this regulation in place, you can safely trade on the platform without any fear of losing your capital.

Tradable Cryptos

While looking out for their regulation, you should research the amount of tradable crypto available on the platform as this would help you maintain a diversified portfolio. Many crypto exchanges offer different coins for sale which include Altcoins, ERC-20 tokens, DeFi tokens, and Matic.


Trading fees are another factor you should consider as they can enable or hamper your profitability when they’re off the roof. You should look out for maker/taker fees, transaction fees, and spreads as they’re the main costs a trader would encounter.

Tools and Features

Many crypto exchanges come with many features and tools such as technical indicators, charting capabilities, and many other types. Some of the tools offered might include a free crypto wallet while some exchanges provide staking options.

Payment Method

You should also consider checking the best deposit method that the exchange accepts before you can create your account. It is possible to make a deposit using crypto on all crypto exchanges, which is usually free or cheap. Furthermore, many exchanges will accept credit and debit cards for funding your account with FIAT.

How to Use Crypto Exchange

Finally, to understand how crypto exchanges work, we need to look at the investment process. We’re going to use BitBuy as our example in this section.

To use a crypto exchange, the first move you’ll make is to sign up on BitBuy. To sign up, you have to visit the BitBuy website and sign up which involves creating a username and password and entering a valid email.

The next step is the account verification where a verification code will be sent to your email address through which you will verify your account.

Making a deposit should be your next step. You can deposit through bank wire or bank transfer. Go to the Accounts column of the website, and click on Add Funds. Here you will enter the amount you wish to transfer and your banking details.

Now that there’s money in your account, open Express Trade to buy any crypto of your choice. Choose your preferred method of payment and specify how much crypto you want to purchase. Complete the action by clicking the Buy option

Bottom Line

This is essentially how crypto exchanges work. If you want to get started just select the exchange you want to work with, create an account, fund it and begin to buy your favorite crypto today.

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