How To Build A Successful Career In Real Estate In Ontario

June 25, 2022

There are many benefits of being a real estate agent in Ontario. It can be a gratifying career with massive income earning potential. A real estate agent is the title of the person representing real estate buyers or sellers.

Real estate agents only work from commission and are paid from the sale of the property. Being a real estate agent takes some hustle and dedication. However, it also brings the flexibility to choose your own schedule. Need to be home on Tuesday evenings for soccer? No problem. Want to be at the Parent Advisory Council meeting? You can. That is definitely one of the most appealing parts of being a real estate agent. The flexibility in the scheduling makes balancing a career and parenthood a little more feasible.

Benefits Of Being A Real Estate Agent:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Experience joy in helping clients find their homes

The Ropes Of Becoming A Real Estate Agent

If you’re looking to start and build a successful career in real estate in Ontario, then you’ve arrived at the right place. There are several reasons to consider making the leap into the industry, but there are a few steps to complete before you get selling.

“If you’re looking for a Realtor with a focus on detailed client experiences, one that treats people with empathy, kindness, and understanding before, during, and long after the sale has concluded, then you’ve come to the right place. A healthy dose of good humor goes a long way too!” says Richard Frankel, realtor and owner of Durham Region Property Search. These are some of the best qualities that make a terrific real estate agent.


Preregistration is the period of time when you attend a real estate licensing school. In this school, you’ll take various courses that teach Canadian Real Estate. In addition, there are several courses and exams during this process.

Find A Brokerage

Once the courses have been completed, it’s time to look for a brokerage to work at. A brokerage must employ you before registering with The Real Estate Council of Ontario or RECO for short. The real estate agent must register with RECO within one year of the pre-registration phase.

Upon Registration

Once registered, you’re now a real estate agent and can make real estate transactions in Ontario. Now that you have the certification to be a real estate agent in Ontario, we’ll share some tangible tips to get your career off the ground!

Building A Career In Real Estate

Building and establishing a rewarding and successful career in real estate requires hustle and hard work. However, you’ll be thrilled with the results with consistency and effort! Being a real estate agent is a terrific career.

Tangible Tips To Amp Up Your Real Estate Career

  1. Beactive on online: The first thing you want to do when establishing your real estate career in Ontario is to build an online presence. Facebook is a perfect platform for real estate agents. It has many tools built right in that can help a real estate agent. For example, create and publish listings, create content, schedule appointments, and communicate with clients all on one platform. LinkedIn and Instagram are two other social platforms that are excellent for real estate agents. Instagram is a visual platform and a great place to showcase various house listings. Learn how to use hashtags that target your intended audience so you build a following that one day might need your services! (For example – #realestateinGuelph #housesforsaleinHamilton)
  2. Stay in connection with past clients: Whether through a monthly newsletter or you schedule into your calendar when to reach out, it’s important to remain connected. It can help bring clients in the future, and if those clients ever have additional real estate needs, they’ll be thinking of you first!
  3. Be available to clients as much as possible: Offer them a one-on-one personal experience every time they reach out to you. Never have a client feel like they bothered you. Perhaps later on in your established real estate career, you might want to set boundaries around your availability. Still, it’s best to practice being available to get your career off and running. Ask your client their preferred way of communication and communicate via that. You might be managing a text conversation with three email conversations, but these can all become real estate deals if done well.
  4. Set reasonable goals: This is a good way to stay accountable and always push for more.
  5. Become an expert on real estate in your area: Read the news and stay up to date on the latest news and changes in the industry. Be aware of prices in the neighborhoods and new trends in the market.
  6. Avoid salesy talks: When interacting with a client or potential client, don’t always think about sales. Instead, think of building a relationship with the client. The client is going to be more likely to purchase a piece of real estate when they feel good with their agent. Take every interaction to be of importance. Each interaction is significant.

If you follow the above seven tips, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your real estate career starts revving up. Remember to set goals, use social media and know everything there is to know about real estate near you. Finally, increase your presence online and in person, so potential clients learn to recognize you. Before you know it, you’ll be the real estate agent everyone wants!

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