Important Tips for Starting Your Own Construction Company

February 20, 2024
Important Tips for Starting Your Own Construction Company

If you are looking to start your own construction company shortly, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind so that you start to be successful and remain successful as you secure more work and more clients. Below are tips to help you grow your business. Take advantage of these tips as you grow.

Invest In Your Own Dumpsters

One of the biggest things you will need in the construction field is dumpsters for waste and products you cannot use. While you can outsource this to start, as your business grows, investing in your dumpsters is a good idea so that you are not putting more money into this service over time than what your dumpsters will cost you. According to, the average cost of a dumpster rental nationwide is approximately $485, with some being as low as $244 and others as high as $928. Having to pay that at every job site could get costly pretty quickly.

Establish Your Own Roofing Crew

When you are first starting, it may not be easy to do. Still, as your business grows, and you find the demand for roofing to be steady on new construction and even replacements for renovations, you will find that you can benefit from a crew of your own specializing in roofing on your projects. Since the average U.S. roofing business has approximately three employees as of 2023, according to This Old House, you could build a team of two to start and then add a third person later for larger projects. This will allow you to keep from outsourcing some of the work you have to do in your business and maintain more of the profits.

Purchase Your Own Equipment

As a construction business owner, you can start by renting out your equipment, but as you get more jobs, you’ll find that you need your equipment, so you don’t have to wait for rentals and pay that extra expense. Global Market Insights said the construction equipment market was well over $150 billion in 2022. This means that you can purchase plenty of gently used equipment to start with and then upgrade as you need it.

Consider some things as you transition from renting equipment to purchasing. First, know what equipment you use the most. These should be the first pieces you want to buy on your own. You can purchase those barely used at auctions and get a good piece of equipment for a great price. If your company starts to move into a niche space, you may want to get new equipment with a warranty.

Take Advantage of Business Loans

One of the best ways to get what your construction business needs is to take advantage of business loans. When you first start, you may not have enough credit to secure the loan, but after six months to a year, you can take your documentation to the bank showing the work you’ve done and the money you’ve earned, along with a business plan to see if you are eligible for a bank loan. There will be a credit score requirement, so ensure you keep your bills paid on time and minimize your overall debt.

Invest in Business Insurance

As a construction business owner, there are some insurance policies that you need to keep in mind. In most states, you must carry workers’ compensation coverage and commercial auto insurance for any vehicles employees operate for company use. Outside these requirements, it is recommended that you protect yourself, your employees, and your customers by purchasing some of the other options, like liability insurance, contractor insurance, and property insurance. These policies are meant to protect you in court, protect any damages done by your employees, and your equipment that you have purchased to use

Keep These In Mind

As a construction business owner, it is vital that you protect your business, and get started the right way so that you can grow. As you make more money and secure more jobs, you can take on more of these tips to stay successful

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