Innovating Health: Spotlight on Ottawa’s 15 Game-Changing Healthcare Startups

November 22, 2023

1. Neurovine: Pioneering Brain Health with AI

Industry: Health Care
Description: Neurovine stands out as an AI-driven digital health company committed to supporting and enhancing brain health. Their innovative approach combines technology with neuroscience to offer effective solutions.
Website: Neurovine

2. Virica Biotech: Biotechnological Innovations for Human Health

Industry: Health Care
Description: Virica Biotech tackles the unmet needs in the biotechnology sector, focusing on production and development breakthroughs that significantly impact human health.
Website: Virica Biotech

3. VRapeutic, Inc.: Revolutionizing Rehabilitation with VR

Industry: Health Care
Description: As a UNICEF Innovation Fund software house, VRapeutic specializes in virtual reality (VR) solutions, particularly for neurodevelopmental challenges, offering advanced rehabilitation methods.
Website: VRapeutic

4. TryCycle Data Systems: Predictive Technology in Healthcare

Industry: Health Care
Description: This company provides predictive technology to assist healthcare professionals in monitoring symptoms and behavioral patterns, enhancing patient care through data.
Website: TryCycle Data Systems

5. PolyUnity: Advancing Healthcare with Additive Manufacturing

Industry: Health Care
Description: PolyUnity collaborates with healthcare organizations to develop and deliver advancements in Additive Manufacturing, contributing to medical innovation.
Website: PolyUnity

6. MCA Dental Group: Streamlining Dental Practice Management

Industry: Health Care
Description: MCA Dental Group acquires and manages dental practices across Canada, focusing on freeing dentists from administrative burdens.
Website: MCA Dental Group

7. Doc Clik: Enhancing Patient Healthcare Experiences

Industry: Health Care
Description: DocClik is a tech company dedicated to improving healthcare experiences for patients, streamlining access and services.
Website: Doc Clik

8. Health Standards Organization: Setting Benchmarks in Health & Social Services

Industry: Health Care
Description: HSO is a non-profit dedicated to developing standards and assessment programs for health and social services.
Website: Health Standards Organization

9. Partum: Virtual Health Marketplace for Mothers

Industry: Health Care
Description: Partum is an online marketplace connecting mothers with virtual health providers and ethical brands.
Website: Partum

10. The Canadian Association for Global Health: Fostering a Collaborative Health Community

Industry: Health Care
Description: CAGH connects and empowers the health community through research, learning, and advocacy on a global scale.
Website: Canadian Association for Global Health

11. sweatcrew: Wellness Benefits Employees Love

Industry: Health Care
Description: sweatcrew offers a wellness benefit platform designed to engage and satisfy employees.
Website: sweatcrew

12. Blue Ocean CRM: Healthcare Compliance and CRM Experts

Industry: Health Care
Description: Specializing in Salesforce, Blue Ocean CRM provides compliance expertise for healthcare and life sciences companies.
Website: Blue Ocean CRM

13. ACT Learning Centre: Comprehensive Therapy Services

Industry: Health Care
Description: ACT Learning Centre offers occupational and speech therapy services, focusing on personalized care.
Website: ACT Learning Centre

14. 360° Health Benefits: Comprehensive Employee Benefits Solutions

Industry: Health Care
Description: This company provides extensive employee benefits, pension plans, and insurance services.
Website: 360° Health Benefits

15. Cell Reserves: Innovating Biopharmaceutical Solutions

Industry: Health Care
Description: Cell Reserves is a biopharmaceutical company working on developing a biomolecular shield for therapeutic molecules.
Website: Cell Reserves

This article showcases the diversity and innovation within Ottawa’s healthcare sector, highlighting companies that are not only advancing medical technology and services but also enhancing the overall health and wellness landscape in Canada’s capital.

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