Montréal’s Advertising Marvels: Driving Innovation and Growth in the Digital Era

November 25, 2023

Montréal, Quebec, Canada, known for its vibrant culture and technological innovation, is also home to a flourishing advertising industry. This article showcases 15 outstanding advertising companies based in Montréal, each bringing unique strategies and creative solutions to the forefront of digital marketing and advertising.


Website: Goloot
Description: Specializing in “Monetizing Moments,” Goloot leads with innovative approaches to advertising, merging moments with marketing magic.

CONTXTFUL Technologies

Website: CONTXTFUL Technologies
Description: Offering insights into digital audience behavior, CONTXTFUL Technologies focuses on attention, viewability, and environmental context.

Godzilla Digital Media

Website: Godzilla Digital Media
Description: A powerhouse in digital strategy and growth hacking, Godzilla Digital Media excels in content creation and online advertising.

ActualConversion Inc.

Website: ActualConversion Inc.
Description: This company redefines SaaS reporting and business intelligence, catering to marketers and business owners seeking simplicity and effectiveness.

Maxy Media

Website: Maxy Media
Description: Maxy Media stands out in content, search, and social media marketing, driving impactful results in the digital space.


Website: Emma42
Description: A creative force, Emma42 supports startups and tech enterprises with innovative advertising and e-commerce solutions.


Website: Localyser
Description: Specializing in online reputation management, Localyser offers a comprehensive solution for multi-location brands.

Aplo Group

Website: Aplo Group
Description: Aplo Group’s expertise lies in strategizing and implementing effective SMA/MMS and email strategies for diverse companies.


Website: StatsDrone
Description: Offering webmasters software to track sales and commission statistics, StatsDrone is a go-to for analytical advertising needs.


Website: Letmetalk
Description: Letmetalk excels in conversational marketing, helping businesses automate processes and increase revenue.


Website: AdSurge
Description: Providing comprehensive digital marketing and advertising services, AdSurge is a key player in the industry.

Drako Media Group

Website: Drako Media Group
Description: Drako Media Group specializes in lead generation, strategy planning, and digital advertising, offering a holistic approach.


Website: PrivateCPA
Description: As a performance marketing company, PrivateCPA focuses on results-driven strategies for impactful advertising.

Outreach Bee

Website: Outreach Bee
Description: Expert in influencer marketing and link-building, Outreach Bee caters to SEO and PR agencies and large companies.


Website: Cardigan
Description: Cardigan offers specialized digital marketing and consulting services, carving a unique space in the advertising sector.

These companies represent the dynamism and creativity of Montréal’s advertising scene, each contributing to the evolving landscape of digital marketing and advertising in unique and impactful ways. With their innovative approaches and dedication to excellence, these firms are not just shaping the local market but are also making a significant impact on the global stage.

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