Montréal’s SaaS Revolution: 15 Companies Transforming Industries in Quebec

The innovative heart of Canada shines bright with these pioneering Software-as-a-Service firms.

Novisto: Pioneering ESG Management
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Novisto, a leading figure in the SaaS scene, provides a platform specifically designed for environmental, social, and governance data management. By simplifying reporting and data analysis, Novisto ensures businesses can prioritize sustainable practices with ease.

Tervene: Revolutionizing Team Improvement
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A game-changer for managers, Tervene’s app transforms business operations by digitizing management processes. It’s an instrumental tool for businesses seeking streamlined team improvements.

Civalgo: Tailored for Specialty Contractors
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Civalgo takes operational productivity to the next level. It’s the ultimate SaaS platform built for operations-driven specialty contractors, ensuring peak performance in their tasks.

Bridgr: Embrace Digital Transformation
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With the rise of digitalization, Bridgr offers a SaaS-enabled marketplace to help businesses adapt, innovate, and thrive in a digital-first world.

Latence Technologies Inc.: Powering 5G Innovation
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Specializing in latency-optimized 5G connectivity, Latence Technologies aids mobile operators in revolutionizing connections for the industrial sector.

ARINA Live: Discover Remote Training Excellence
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ARINA Live’s web-based app introduces remote training sessions, presenting an avenue for continued learning and new revenue generation.

Estateably: Streamlined Estate Settlement
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Estateably simplifies the intricate estate settlement process. Designed for professionals, it ensures both speed and compliance.

Walter: Bridging Residents and Property Managers
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Walter’s innovative app fosters a smooth communication channel between property managers and condominium residents, making community management efficient.

InputKit: Hear Your Customers Loud and Clear
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InputKit specializes in capturing customer feedback. Their SaaS solution ensures businesses always have their fingers on the pulse of customer satisfaction. Optimizing Video Workflows
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With their patented deep-tech, is at the forefront of enhancing video workflow efficiency and unlocking new revenue streams.

Neatro: Agile Solutions for Remote Teams
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For the modern remote-working world, Neatro delivers an online agile retrospective platform, ensuring seamless collaboration and productivity.

Piecemeal: Reshaping Restaurant Management
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A boon for restaurateurs, Piecemeal is a free platform and marketplace that streamlines restaurant management processes.

V3 Stent Group: Harnessing AI for Business Growth
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Integrating AI, V3 Stent Group’s B2B platform optimizes data across HR, Sales, and Marketing, ensuring businesses meet their growth targets effectively.

UNRYO: Multi-Cloud Monitoring Excellence
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Setting a new industry standard, UNRYO presents the first hybrid multi-cloud monitoring platform, guaranteeing top-tier oversight in the cloud space.

Nextal: Collaborative Recruiting Redefined
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Nextal’s platform is a haven for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates alike, fostering collaborative efforts towards successful recruitment outcomes.

From data management to digital transformation, and from restaurant operations to real estate, Montréal’s SaaS industry is buzzing with innovation. As the landscape evolves, these 15 companies remain at the forefront, driving change and redefining standards.

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