Quebec’s Professional Services Pioneers: Bridging Innovation and Expertise

October 30, 2023

Quebec’s professional landscape is a diverse tapestry, where traditional expertise meets contemporary innovation. From the bustling cityscape to the quiet corners of the province, a new breed of companies is reshaping how we think about professional services. In this feature, we spotlight 15 companies that exemplify the spirit of innovation and excellence in Quebec’s professional service industry.

AceBy, Inc.

AceBy brings the gig economy to your fingertips. As a mobile app, it connects customers with local freelancers for diverse work-related needs. AceBy’s platform embodies the fluidity and flexibility that define modern freelance work, making it a standout in the professional services sector.


Diffuse is the backstage wizard of content production and distribution. Offering turnkey solutions, Diffuse is the ally for creators and distributors who seek to make an impact in the digital realm with their content.


Insurance is a field ripe for disruption, and Sonomad is at the forefront, offering innovative insurance services that cater to the needs of today’s consumers, emphasizing simplicity and accessibility.

The Decision Lab

The Decision Lab is a consultancy that marries data with human behavior, providing insights and strategies in analytics, design, marketing, and finance. Their work helps businesses navigate the complexities of consumer psychology and data interpretation.


Dermadry addresses a medical condition often overlooked: hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. They offer a unique, professional solution to improve the quality of life for those affected by this condition.

AquaVerti Farms

At AquaVerti Farms, the future of farming is vertical. Their high-tech urban farming solutions are not just about producing food; they’re about educating and innovating in urban agriculture.

BioSignal2 Inc.

Life sciences meet cutting-edge technology at BioSignal2 Inc. They provide solutions that propel research and development in the life sciences sector, making them a vital player in Quebec’s professional services.


Pradvis simplifies the search for professional advice. Their freelancing platform connects businesses with a vast network of professionals, ensuring that no matter the size, every business can find the expertise it needs.


In the realm of advertising, Sekoia stands out with its data-driven approach. Specializing in analytics and performance marketing, Sekoia helps businesses navigate the digital ad space with precision and creativity.


Circads is more than a job portal; it’s a career catalyst. With a focus on specialized sectors like accounting and healthcare, Circads is pivotal for professionals and companies seeking to connect.


Sparkwise is the IT backbone for businesses seeking digital transformation. Their expertise in cloud solutions, IT systems integration, and CRM support make them a cornerstone in Quebec’s professional services.


At ORYM, econometrics and analytics converge to optimize businesses. Specializing in yield and revenue management, ORYM’s services are crucial for businesses aiming to enhance their financial performance.


Result-oriented marketing is at the heart of Artbox. This agency dives deep into internet marketing solutions to ensure that their clients not only appear online but truly stand out.

Serene Accounting

With Serene Accounting, finances and taxes become less daunting. Their CPAs provide personalized accounting services, ensuring peace of mind for individuals and businesses alike.


In the BPO sector, noodesk is a name to remember. As a Business Process Outsourcing service provider, they streamline operations for businesses looking to optimize their processes.

These companies, each with its unique flavor of expertise, paint a vibrant picture of Quebec’s professional services industry. They’re not just serving local needs—they’re setting the stage for global influence.

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