Quebec’s Rising Stars: 15 Innovative Machine Learning Companies Reshaping Tech Landscapes

December 5, 2023


Website: Aquantix
Overview: Specializing in AI, Big Data, Mathematics, Physical Science, and Engineering, Aquantix stands at the forefront of technological innovation, offering advanced solutions in the machine learning sphere.


Website: Mia
Overview: Mia revolutionizes machine learning with its no-code application, simplifying the deployment and demonstration of machine learning models for businesses of all sizes.

Audible Reality

Website: Audible Reality
Overview: By leveraging proprietary AI-driven 3D audio technology, Audible Reality is connecting the world through unique, personalized, and shared sound experiences.

Botler AI

Website: Botler AI
Overview: Botler AI harnesses AI to combat sexual misconduct, showcasing the potential of machine learning in creating safer and more respectful communities.

Snitch AI

Website: Snitch AI
Overview: Snitch AI emerges as a crucial tool in the machine learning ecosystem, offering robust validation services for machine learning models.

XeoHive Technology

Website: XeoHive Technology
Overview: XeoHive Technology delivers a comprehensive suite of institutional-grade tools for the investment cycle of digital assets, paving the way in AI-driven financial technologies.

Overview: As a data marketplace, enables the seamless exchange of datasets, fueling machine learning and big data initiatives across various sectors.


Website: MicroPredictome
Overview: Leveraging the power of the microbiome and AI, MicroPredictome offers advanced medical tests, illustrating the intersection of healthcare and machine learning.

SmartPlant AI

Website: SmartPlant AI
Overview: SmartPlant AI integrates AI and machine learning to revolutionize plant analysis, aiding farmers in disease prevention and facilitating access to financial resources.


Website: Neurazon
Overview: Neurazon introduces the first AI-based diagnostic technology for intellectual disabilities, showcasing the therapeutic potential of machine learning.

Horoma AI

Website: Horoma AI
Overview: Horoma AI excels in software development and machine learning solutions for remote sensing and satellite image analysis, marking a significant leap in IT innovation.

LexRock AI

Website: LexRock AI
Overview: With a focus on AI-driven document analysis, LexRock AI utilizes advanced NLP techniques to transform the management of unstructured document data.

Aarish Technologies

Website: Aarish Technologies
Overview: Aarish Technologies specializes in developing AI accelerators that are high-performing, low-power, and cost-effective, contributing significantly to AI accessibility.

Hectiq AI

Website: Hectiq AI
Overview: Hectiq AI offers innovative data-driven AI technology and solutions, employing deep learning and machine learning algorithms to transform business operations.

Precision Analytics

Website: Precision Analytics
Overview: As a health data science company, Precision Analytics provides interactive data visualization, epidemiology, and machine learning services, merging healthcare with advanced data science.

This article provides a glimpse into the dynamic and diverse world of machine learning startups in Quebec, showcasing how these companies are leveraging AI to drive innovation across various industries.

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