Showcasing Montréal-Based Social Media Startups Revolutionising Canada’s Digital Landscape

January 29, 2024

Montréal, an international startup hub with a vibrant and diversified economy, has been witness to a surge in the number of startups launched in and after 2020. Some of these exceptional startups have been revolutionizing the Social Media scene, offering innovative solutions within their unique industries. This article takes a closer look at some of these groundbreaking startups that call Montréal their home.

Known for its multicultural character and high-quality tech talent, Montréal provides the perfect ecosystem for startups to thrive. What makes the city particularly attractive for entrepreneurs is its supportive startup community that fosters collaboration, networking, and knowledge-sharing. It’s exciting to see startups leverage these advantages in creating influential social media platforms and services.

From Big Data to e-commerce, these Montréal-based startups are introducing new ways of using social media as a tool for customer engagement, market research, health management, and more. We invite you to discover these inspiring ventures that are redefining the digital landscape.


Founded by Andrey Sherbakov, SocialGrep operates at the intersection of Big Data, Market Research, and Social Media. The company provides social media statistics for Reddit, offering insights into popular communities, trending topics, and more. It serves as an essential tool for individuals and businesses seeking actionable intelligence from this vast and influential social platform. @socialgrep


Woopen is a revolutionary app melding the worlds of real estate and social media. The brainchild of Jerome Verdier, Woopen creates a unique axis between homeowners and potential buyers or tenants. The company’s social media presence on Facebook and LinkedIn further amplifies its mission of revolutionizing the global real estate industry.


Carving a niche in the areas of Health Care, Social Media, and Mobile Apps, Nurau is a platform focused on mental health management at workplaces. Founded by Justin Lessard-Wajcer, the platform leverages the power of Braindates in providing a safe and conducive space for employees to proactively manage their mental health. Stay updated about their journey on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn handles.

A product of René Saint-Pierre and Thomas Jelonek, is disrupting the video search space with its AI platform, VideoViews. The platform makes video content searchable and interactive, safeguarding efficiency and creating new avenues for monetization.

V3 Stent Group

Operational in numerous fields like Artificial Intelligence, Data Integration, and Social Media Marketing, the V3 Stent Group aims to accelerate business growth with its blend of human and artificial intelligence. The brainchild of Alexandre Bouchard, Louis-Vincent Ledoux, and Philippe Racine, the company promises to transform your marketing, HR, and sales initiatives. Follow their journey on Facebook or connect with them on LinkedIn.


Brought to life by Jayson Samuel Hadjadj, Emma42 is a creative agency offering comprehensive growth solutions for startups and new technology ventures. The agency impresses with its efficient handling of branding, marketing campaigns, website development, and automation business systems. Explore their work or connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

The Economy Herald

Based in Montreal, The Economy Herald is an online news website and platform specializing in publishing different categories of news. They are particularly interested in cryptocurrency, stocks, and technology news but are also publishing in other categories such as lifestyle and fashion. Connect with them on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.

The array of startups flourishing in Montréal emphasizes its position as a burgeoning hub in the global startup ecosystem. The startups featured in this article are not just transforming the social media landscape, but also inspiring a whole new generation of entrepreneurs to leverage Montreal’s startup-friendly resources.

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