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Start-Up Idea: A New Login System For Online Casinos

Online casinos, just as any other business, need to continue innovating their platform to compete against their peers and stay relevant to their customers. A new login system is one way to do this, and it can provide a number of benefits for both the casino and its players.

A new login system can make it easier for players to access their account and start playing. It can also help the casino keep track of its players’ activity and better understand their preferences. In addition, a new login system can offer additional security features that will protect both the casino and its players from fraud and identity theft.

Limited Availability of Third-Party Solutions for Online Casinos

Due to their uncertain legal status in numerous jurisdictions, online casinos, including casino online best payout options, find themselves restricted from leveraging many third-party integrations. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, online casinos are often not allowed to use traditional banking methods to process payments. This means that they have to rely on alternative solutions, which are often more expensive and less reliable.

Secondly, many jurisdictions have not yet clarified the legal status of online gambling, which makes it difficult for third-party providers to offer their services to casinos in those countries. Finally, even in jurisdictions where online gambling is legal, there may be restrictions on the types of games that casinos can offer, which limits the range of third-party solutions that they can use.

As a result of these limitations, many online casinos are forced to develop their own solutions or go without certain features and functionality. This can put them at a competitive disadvantage compared to traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, which have access to a wider range of third-party products and services.

Real money gambling platforms, like casinos in, often cannot use “Login With Google” or “Login with Facebook” for legal reasons. There are only a handful of companies that provide this type of solution, and they are often unable to keep up with the demand. This has led to a situation where many online casinos are forced to develop their own login solutions, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

This can be a major inconvenience for users, who may have to create yet another account and remember another username and password just to play their favorite casino games online. This problem is compounded by the fact that many online casinos do not accept players from certain countries, meaning that those players may have even more difficulty finding a way to play.

The Casino Login Needs an Overhaul

The registration and login system of online casinos is outdated and incomplete. For example, almost all online casinos are required to perform a KYC check, i.e., verify a player’s ID and proof of address.

However, the login system does not reflect this requirement, and players are still able to log in with just their username and password. This means that players can easily create multiple accounts and use them to claim bonuses or play games without having to undergo the KYC process.

In order to combat this problem, casinos need to update their login systems to require players to provide their ID and proof of address when registering for an account. This will ensure that all players are verified before they are able to log in and play.

Online casinos could come up with an innovation to develop a registration/login system with the KYC check build in, i.e., using Jumio as part of it. Jumio is a company that provides ID verification services. It uses a combination of machine learning and human review to verify IDs from over 200 countries in real-time.

Jumio also offers KYC solutions for online gaming, which means that it could be used to verify players when they register for an account or log in to play. Their product, Netverify, uses biometric data to verify a user’s identity in real-time. This means that players would be able to provide their ID and proof of address when registering for an account, and casinos would be able to verify their identity instantly.

This would solve the problem of multiple accounts being created, as each player would only be able to create one account that is verified with their ID. It would also make it more difficult for players to hide their identity, as they would need to provide their real information when registering for an account.


The bottom line is that online casinos need to update their login systems to require players to provide their ID and proof of address when registering for an account.

This will ensure that all players are verified and that only one account can be created per person.

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