The Digital Vanguard: Quebec’s Top 15 Information Services Companies

October 11, 2023

Hgc Technologies

  • Website: Hgc Technologies
    Hgc Technologies stands out as a reliable IT and services company, located at the heart of Montreal, and remains a strong player in the Information Services sector.

Jakarto Cartographie 3D

  • Website: Jakarto Cartographie 3D
    Pushing the boundaries of 3D mapping, Jakarto has carved a niche for itself with innovative technology solutions in Montreal.


  • Website: SOLUTION BI Canada
    Marrying business intelligence with finance, Solution B.I prioritizes technical innovation, making it an essential service for businesses.


  • Website: Quinditech
    Blending artificial intelligence with healthcare and deep learning, Quinditech promises futuristic solutions in the field of medical data science and IT.

Pillar Science

  • Website: Pillar Science
    Another gem from Montreal, Pillar Science pioneers the way in modern Information Technology.

CScience IA

  • Website: CScience IA
    Addressing the growing concerns surrounding AI, CScience IA provides a much-needed platform that delves into the impact of AI on social, ethical, and economic spheres.


  • Website: Normex
    With a prime focus on food safety and quality, Normex’s cloud-based software solutions ensure that quality is maintained throughout the supply chain.

Botni Vision

  • Website: Botni Vision
    Revolutionizing the way we perceive computer vision, Botni Vision works diligently to make computer vision and cloud computing accessible to all.


  • Website: Trispec
    As a reliable telecommunications information services company, Trispec remains a major player in Quebec’s digital arena.

B2B Cyber Secure

  • Website: B2B Cyber Secure
    A beacon for small and medium-sized enterprises, B2B Cyber Secure fortifies organizations against looming cyber threats.


  • Website: 123systems
    123systems, based in Montreal, is redefining the paradigms of information technology with its innovative solutions.

Ossicles Technologies

  • Website: Ossicles Technologies
    With an unusual and necessary focus on performance horses, Ossicles Technologies is committed to the health and safety of these majestic creatures.


  • Website: Wenovio
    Yet another technological marvel from Montreal, Wenovio stands tall as a key player in the information technology sector.


  • Website: ac780
    By partnering with leading US startups, ac780 aims to design and craft world-class products right in the heart of Montreal.

Fiera Comox Partners

  • Website: Fiera Comox Partners
    Balancing IT and management, Fiera Comox Partners showcases the best of both worlds, making them a significant presence in Montreal’s tech landscape.

Quebec continues to surge ahead in the Information Services sector, with companies like the ones highlighted above leading the charge. Their innovations and services are shaping not just the Canadian tech landscape but are also making waves globally.

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