The Top Online Gaming Startups In Canada In 2022

January 27, 2023
Image by DrMedYourRasenn from Pixabay

When making an assessment of the business news in recent times, particularly when it comes to the entertainment and technology world, the rise of online gaming has been heavily featured. Online gaming products are now some of the most popular around, with most games that are being developed now having to cater for online audiences.

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This category of entertainment stretches far beyond the new and improved games that are out now or under development, too. There are companies aiming to impact the live streaming space in the gaming sphere, there are developers of mobile gaming accessories, businesses aiming to impact the virtual reality sector, and a whole lot more. Given the growth of gaming and the sheer amount of products that are accessible to audiences now, the extensive selection of startups in this particular area is hardly surprising. It’s certainly a lucrative area of business too, with gaming now appealing to larger audiences than ever before.

We’re certainly seeing a wave of innovation in the gaming space. When specifically focusing on online gaming, there have been a number of notable trends. For starters, mobile gaming’s rise up the ranks has been impossible to ignore. An abundance of innovative products have helped smartphone gaming appeal to new gamers.

Moreover, the mediums through which we create games has completed changed, and it is no longer limited to PCs and consoles. Consider the rise of live gaming, which is best seen in examples like live dealer live baccarat, which offers players the chance to play the classic game of chance with real dealers. It’s but one example of the different mediums and markets that gaming studios can now target.

Alongside the games are popular platforms that enable gaming communities to grow, such as Discord. The online category of gaming has certainly helped create a healthier gaming landscape on the whole, but which startups are aiming to take things even further in the coming years? Let’s assess some of Canada’s top online gaming startups below.

Big Viking Games

Founded in 2011, Big Viking Games is aiming to become a major player in the development of mobile and social games. Having already provided products that have been played by millions of people on both iOS and android devices, alongside social media sites like Facebook, Big Viking Games is a growing name in this particular space. A competitive area of business with hundreds of games developers striving to produce the next big thing, this Canadian company is hoping to become a pioneer in mobile HTML5 games. Given the success of the company’s releases so far, Big Viking Games could be a business to keep track of.

Parallel Studios

Developing the next AAA sci-fi franchise and leveraging blockchain and NFT technology to deploy their IP as cards, games, comics, movies and more, Parallel Studios is becoming a popular NFT gaming company. While the NFT market does divide opinion overall, there is evidently an appetite for it as more and more companies aim to capitalise on its appeal. With waves of people now looking at ways to own parts of the digital world they adore, Parallel Studios’ plan makes a lot of sense.

Kero Sports



Another aspect of online gaming is betting on the sports people follow passionately on a weekly basis. Most companies in this arena are aiming to provide a better experience for fans, perhaps through in-game betting options and new and improved betting offers. Kero Sports is aiming to aid this by producing real-time betting props for big betting brands and a curated social environment that will enable sports bettors to feel comfortable when placing bets. Kero Sports is essentially about providing a memorable betting and social experience, with the company’s impressive technology already gathering momentum.

Other online gaming startups in Canada that are worth keeping tabs on include Tallysight, Brain Racers, LUCA Theory, House of Kibaa, mtion, Blaze, GEN-E, Titan Analytics, and PlayLine.

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