Training Titans of British Columbia: The Companies Revolutionizing Skill Development in Canada

October 3, 2023

1. EMPOWER International Students
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EMPOWER champions the cause of international students in Canada by offering career development opportunities, enabling them to get a foothold in the competitive job market.

2. Polyform
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Dedicated to Education & Services, Polyform is making waves in the training industry with its innovative approach.

3. SDR Nation
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Focusing on Sales Development Representatives, SDR Nation offers coaching, mentorship, and training to speed up career trajectories.

4. Mindful Marketing Co
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E-commerce marketing takes the front seat as Mindful Marketing Co. provides business owners with specialized marketing systems to enhance their reach.

5. Dina Calligraphy
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Be it for corporate branding or personal aesthetics, Dina Calligraphy imparts skills through its signature calligraphy workshops.

6. Elevate Ultimate
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Going beyond the game, Elevate Ultimate’s Frisbee programs teach kids not only sports skills but also values like sportsmanship and personal accountability.

7. The Yardhouse
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Baseball and softball enthusiasts can sharpen their skills indoors at The Yardhouse, British Columbia’s premier training center for these sports.

8. ProductBC
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For budding product professionals, ProductBC is a hub, offering events, mentorship opportunities, and a wealth of industry-specific content.

9. Fox & Owl Consulting
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Small to medium-sized enterprises get a comprehensive suite of services from Fox & Owl, ensuring they stay competitive in a fast-paced world.

10. Coastal Drone
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Based in Pitt Meadows, Coastal Drone is taking the aerospace industry by storm with its advanced training modules.

11. Negotiations Collective
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Mastering the art of negotiation is crucial in today’s world. The Negotiations Collective provides specialized training, coaching, and consulting in this arena.

12. InThink Human Resources
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Human resources is at the heart of every organization. InThink elevates HR with services ranging from skill & leadership development to recruitment and workplace relations.

13. Motrain
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Online learning takes on a new dimension with Motrain, catering to the diverse training needs of today’s employees.

14. KRE-AT
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Leadership is an art and a science. KRE-AT, a leadership development firm, ensures individuals and organizations realize their leadership potential.

15. O’Grady Consultants
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With a focus on strategic and operational HR, O’Grady Consultants Inc. shapes the HR landscapes of numerous enterprises.

From career development for international students to specialized skill training in diverse fields, British Columbia is home to a plethora of training companies, each contributing to the region’s rich tapestry of learning and development. As these companies continue to innovate, British Columbia stands poised to be a beacon for training and education in Canada.

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