What Technology Makes Live Casino Games Possible?

July 15, 2022
What Technology Makes Live Casino Games Possible?

Technology is increasingly playing a key role in how organizations operate, and the gaming industry is one sector that has greatly benefited. With the recent rapid development of technology, the games industries now have advanced game mechanics, fantastic visuals, and new game varieties like a live casino.

Technology has definitely revolutionized the development, implementation, and other aspects of casinos and gaming, giving gamers the best live casino experience possible.

Billions of dollars are spent annually on the global iGaming market, and this profitable sector is constantly modernizing and incorporating new technologies. One of the most well-liked areas of the iGaming market recently has been live casinos.

What is a live casino?

Live casino gaming is a type of online gambling that allows you to make bets while experiencing the game exactly as you would if you were playing in a physical casino. Via the use of an electronic device, users participate in the game and may view other players and the action.

A software engine which is known as an RNG, or Random Number Generator, powers the majority of online gambling sites. The goal of these RNGs is to make online gaming as realistic and authentic as feasible. Due to the algorithm’s inherent randomness, it also aids in preventing players from being defrauded of their money. Most users of online gambling sites have expressed satisfaction with this system. Online gambling has advanced though as high-speed internet has been more widely available around the world.

The idea of live internet casinos was born out of this software engine (RNG). These live casinos offer something that is more realistic than using a computer to replicate the circumstances of a real-world casino game.

However, the interesting aspect of a live casino is that it is managed in real-time by human dealers, which means that game outcomes are decided by people rather than machines.

What forms a live casino?

Live casino operations are successful due to a substantial investment in technology and staff. For instance, they hire a cameraman, a pit boss, croupiers, and an IT manager. Below are the main components of a live casino and if you take a look at Unibet’s live casino in Canada, you will find that the operator uses many of these components in order to provide the best experiences possible.

Live dealers

To guarantee that live casino experiences resemble physical gambling as nearly as possible, dealers are essential. Live casinos like those operated by Evolution Gaming make sure their pit bosses are well-trained, just as land-based casinos train their dealers to be competent and professional when handling gaming sessions. Live casinos use smart cards to trace each move of their dealers to ensure accountability.

A monitor device

The monitor is just like a computer but it is on the dealer’s side in this instance. The monitor aids the dealer in managing and monitoring player wagers. The dealer may observe how many players are online, request plays from players, and quickly kick out players that violated the rules from the monitor.

Game Control Unit (GCU)

The Game Control Unit (GCU) serves as the live casino’s central system and the live streaming of casino games would not be possible without it. It is a small device that is installed on every table in a live casino studio, and it is in charge of encoding the video data that is broadcast during a live game. They make sure that gamers have a smooth and almost physical experience between the GCU and dealer.


Table games are now mostly the game type that live casinos are most suited for. In order to simulate a physical casino, live casinos frequently have wheels in the studio. In contrast to traditional casinos where players and dealers physically validate results, these wheels are equipped with sensors that automatically send you data.


Cameras are a crucial part of a live casino set up, in addition to the software that live gaming is based on. These are the dealers’ and players’ eyes that allow the games to be experienced visually.

To allow players to participate in the game, for instance, a roulette game would require the deployment of three different games. Three cameras would be used: one for the roulette table, one for shooting the wheel, and a third for displaying the entire image.

Optimal Camera Recognition (OCR)

This technology is essential to the smooth operation of any live casino game. In reality, every little detail that occurs in the gaming space will be noticed and transmitted back to the user as a result of the OCR. This is because the OCR captures every action and converts it into playable data. Card shuffling and wheel spinning are both picked up and help make your gaming experience flawless!


With these advancements and innovations of technology in the gaming sector, passionate casino patrons play effortlessly and from all over the world. Casinos today have sizable live casino portfolios as playing real-time casino games has become a highly popular pastime for so many!

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