Why You Should Localize Your Next Marketing Campaign

November 17, 2022
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For years, the Internet has connected people and brands from all around the world, and the pandemic has only hastened the digital acceleration timeline. More people are online than ever before, and they’re busy conducting research before buying items or reserving services.

Despite having a global economy, most consumers are only interested in the products and services that make waves in their specific neck of the woods. When it comes to your next marketing campaign, you need to adjust your content to establish your brand and product as relevant to local audiences.

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What is Localization in Marketing?

Localization is a broad term describing the way companies might adapt their brand, product, or service for a specific location in the world.

These changes can be relatively small tweaks to an existing campaign, like changing the style or layout of ads to reflect your target location’s preferences. For example, if an ad runs in bus shelters across North America and says “hello” to the city, localization includes changing the city name and making local references.

Alternatively, localization can involve sweeping changes to prepare a marketing campaign for several international audiences. At this step, you may need to involve translators and cultural experts to make sure your brand’s voice carries over in other languages and dialects. These professionals can also help you include culturally appropriate references, symbols, and holidays.

What Types of Marketing Campaigns Can Be Localized?

Almost any kind of marketing campaign can (and should) be localized — from the aforementioned bus shelter advertisements to billboards, TV commercials, online ads, and more. Some campaigns naturally localize content, such as your nano influencer marketing strategy.

A nano influencer marketing campaign works with content creators who have 10K followers or less. They create their content with their followers in mind, so they’ll instinctively adopt the language, style, and visuals that resonate with their following.

Finding local influencers isn’t always easy, especially if you’re team is based out of another city. You might not know the influencer scene in Toronto if you work out of Vancouver or New York.

Luckily, an influencer marketing agency in Toronto can help you find the right content creators for your needs. The best influencer marketing agency Toronto has to offer will have a shortlist of local content creators ready to share with you as soon as they get to know your campaign’s objectives.

Why Does Localization Matter?

Avoid Making a Fool of Your Brand

Nothing suggests a hack job like when a brand launches an ad campaign in a foreign market with a cultural faux pas. This happens more often than you think, almost exclusively when a brand doesn’t partner with a localization expert.

No brand is too big to avoid it. Coca-Cola, American Airlines, KFC, Mercedes-Benz are just a short list of offenders.

Show You Care About Your New Demographic

In comparison, handcrafted content adjusted for a local market reflects the time and care you put into your campaign.

Consumers Will Only Click “Buy” in Their Native Language

Perhaps the biggest advantage of localization is its effect on sales. According to a Common Sense Advisory survey, 75% of consumers won’t purchase something unless its description is in their language on your website. Tailored content is also important when they’re conducting research on what products to buy, as they’ll want to see how local influencers and everyday people like your products.

Bottom line, localization is important — whether you’re launching a traditional ad campaign or adopting a new influencer marketing strategy.

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