7 Digital Marketing Elements That Are Be Trendy and Popular in 2023

July 12, 2023
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In the Metaverse era of constant changes in the marketing landscape, there are many hot topics gaining popularity in digital marketing, which are already becoming standard practices in marketing..

You need to know what is currently losing touch and what is gaining popularity in the world of marketing.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top marketing trends for this year that you can’t ignore because they’ll help your company not just survive but also prosper in this era of constant changes in the marketing landscape.

An Increase in Brand Music and Video Content

People are slowly changing their attitude to audio content. It’s becoming preferable compared to video content.

Nowadays, over 100 million Americans listen to one or more podcasts each month. You will be surprised to find out that consumers tend to have fewer Netflix accounts than podcasts they listen to.

For instance, Clubhouse is gaining attention lately. This is an audio chat room app, which can be used only with the help of an invitation.

This app has already brought plenty of users to audio content. Large platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn began investing their profit into audio features and creating more audio content.

In 2021, over fifty-six percent of American consumers listened to audio podcasts. Over eighty percent of specialists invested in this type of content this year.

Besides, over half of content marketers consider audio effective for engagement and brand awareness.

If you follow this strategy, you won’t even need to opt for a 500 dollar loan bad credit because, with good marketing, your sales will be at the level.

Using AI

Artificial intelligence knows everything about your preferences and purchasing experiences. It demonstrates to consumers what they can be interested in using advanced technology and algorithms.

AI knows when and what you may be searching for. This digital marketing trend is also attracting attention in 2022 and is starting visual analytics.

Artificial intelligence is starting to track what consumers say about a certain brand, and how they use or wear it.

Google can predict the web search of an individual using AI, and Spotify Song Radio is also utilizing this technology. Google can understand what consumers are searching for and what type of content best fits their needs.

While not everybody may want to accept it, artificial intelligence is already everywhere and it influences our daily lives.

Old-School Marketing

We may often feel the connection to an event or product each time we see it as it reminds us of certain memories and experiences. Many brands use this powerful technique of retro roots to connect with their clients.

We often feel connected with the food we used to eat, a particular drink, a certain music composition we were fond of, or a small gift we got when we purchased some item.

It’s much easier to strategize campaigns that are built on appeal and trust so brands often rely on it.

They consider what services and products consumers already know to create new promotions and campaigns. Those who utilize old-school marketing should pay deeper attention to the things consumers like and things that motivate them.


This is one of the newest digital marketing trends of 2022. Those who want their business to outshine the rest of the competition should personalize their marketing. What does it mean?

This is about personalizing your products, content, and emails. Recent surveys found that consumers like this tool and prefer personalized items.

If you tailor the marketing messages to the interests of your clients, over seventy-two percent of shoppers will be attracted to your promotion.

Make sure your emails are customized and based on customers’ behavior. For instance, you may have a look at the successful recommended products of Amazon and Netflix.

Other companies including Cadbury’s, EasyJet, and Starbucks also use this marketing trend.

Starbucks created an app to collect data like location or purchase history to customize the personal preferences and drinks of the clients.

Boost Social Media

The usage of social media channels has never been larger than today. The number of consumers using social media is constantly increasing.

They are boosting even though there is a chance of fake news, security, and privacy breach.

People like using social media in their free time and you may use it to your advantage and expand your business here as well.

About seventy percent of American consumers have a social media account, and approximately 223 million people utilize social media in 2022.

Hence, if you have a small business and want it to become successful, you should concentrate on social media and grow your customer base there.

Reach more customers and use this effective strategy to find new clients faster.

Push Notifications

Email marketing has become old-fashioned, while younger consumers prefer social media and other forms of communication.

Push notifications are more personalized and sophisticated.

This is the strategy more and more businesses are adopting this year. Statistics show that such notifications boost conversions. Almost half of the users convert from a segmented push notification than from broadcast messages.

They can often be triggered by interests and behavior to engage customers who didn’t convert but still expressed some interest.

Personalized notifications can also help to gain profit from shopping carts that were abandoned.

This way, you will be able to avoid lending tools and improve your credit as your revenue will increase using this marketing strategy.

Using Infographics and Data

Infographics can easily leave a certain imprint on the minds of consumers as they can be understood easily. It is combined with written information and useful data.

Infographics are used with engaging and exciting visuals to help clients remember and understand the information.

Marketers are using a data-driven type of infographics these days. They can reach out to more potential clients this way.

About eighty-two percent of marketers claim that content with infographics and visual effects attracts more attention.

More people tend to remember information in color than in black and white. Hence, over eighty-six percent of business owners find it a significant strategy for 2022.

The Bottom Line

Summing up, these are some of the most popular digital marketing trends that attract attention in 2022.

You may follow these methods to keep your venture competitive in the web world and adapt your business to the newest innovations.

Hopefully, these strategies will not just help your venture remain afloat, but prosper in the age of constant marketing shifts.

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