Philip Pellat: Stay Fresh All Day Long, Without Compromising Your Health

Stay fresh all day long, without compromising your health. At PurelyGreat, we offer a wide range of natural, gentle, and effective deodorants, and other personal care products. We’re committed to leading a more natural lifestyle – one that’s good for you and good for the planet!

Tell us about yourself?

Philip started his career as a commercial photographer, then ran a corporate communications design company. Debs’ background was in the natural healing field as a reflexologist. Together there strengths complimented each other and Purelygreat was born.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

Watch out for the unknowns. When business conditions change adapt quickly!

What problem does your business solve?

We help people feel confident they are using a natural deodorant product that is healthy, safe and effective.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

Searching for natural products that were safe and healthy for our own family, we came upon some products made locally and they inspired my partner Deb to learn how to make her own healthy Deodorants.

What is your magic sauce?

Our deodorants are handcrafted in small batches using 100% Natural ingredients. All our deodorants are EWG Verified. (Environmental Working Group)

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

We are looking to transition into retirement over next 5 years. Our plan is to pass our company along to someone with the energy and marketing savvy to take Purelygreat to the next level.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

Radical changes in the retail environment due to COVID. We pivoted and focused more energy on our online business.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

We are always interested in hearing from performance-based marketing partners. We are also interested in partnerships with digital marketing experts and like-minded entrepreneurs.

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