Why Would You Ever Outsource Your IT Department

March 15, 2022
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Starting a business or an organization is a rather ambitious endeavor, and there is always more to managing it than just what you do in-house. This is true for both startups and well-established corporations.

It’s too expensive to maintain overexpanded IT departments that cost $10,500 per engineer monthly with huge maintenance bills worth of IT projects. Outsourcing your IT department can be a great way to save money and time. It can also help you to focus on what you do best. There are plenty of other advantages to outsourcing your IT department as well – such as scalability and remote work. You can have an army of resources working when you need without any overtime costs incurred.

There are many reasons why companies outsource their IT departments. Here are five of the most common ones:

  1. Security: Outsourcing your IT department means that you don’t have to worry about the security of your company’s data because it is being managed by professionals who specialize in this area.
  2. Scalability: If your company is growing, then it may not be able to keep up with the demand for IT services internally. Outsourcing allows you to scale up or down as needed without having to hire new employees or train them in-house.
  3. Remote work: If your company has remote workers, your existing IT support processes may not have been developed with a remote model in mind. IT companies are already experienced in providing remote support solutions. Therefore, you will have the IT support you need at an affordable rate.
  4. Cloud: Cloud computing and storage are becoming more popular among businesses. Outsourcing this area to an IT firm is recommended because managing the cloud is a complex issue that requires expert skills.
  5. Cost: Outsourcing your IT department is the best way to cut costs and have an IT team you can count upon.

Increased Security

One key reason to outsource your IT department is to improve security. With cyber threats becoming more and more common, it’s important to have robust security measures in place. An outsourced IT department will have access to the latest security technologies and best practices, which can help keep your company’s data safe.

Security is arguably the most important focus for any organization. As you grow, so do your risks and the subsequent consequences of a security breach.

Eric Schueler​, Senior VP of Information Technology, HRCT

Keeping an organization running is not just about making sure the computers work. These days it is about keeping hackers out of your network. Are you sure your internal IT staff has the training and skillsets necessary to protect your organization? Outsourced IT companies have specialized employees dedicated to cyber security. These take a different skillset than normal support staff. They also take more training to stay up to date with the latest threats. They are then able to that knowledge and apply it to your organization to keep your employees safe and productive.

Jon Fausz, Director of Operations, 4BIS.COM

It’s no longer just keeping the firewall updated and AV on your machines. Malicious actors are coming at your data from all vectors. This requires a team to help ensure you are plugging all the security holes.

-Michael Nelson, President & Founder, TLC Tech

Easy Scalability

Another reason to outsource your IT department is scalability. If your company experiences rapid growth, you may not have the resources to keep up with the demand for IT services. An outsourced IT department can quickly and easily scale up or down to meet your needs.

An outsourced IT department can quickly and easily scale up or down to meet your needs. This can save you a lot of money and headaches in the long run. Outsourcing your IT department can also free up resources that can be better used elsewhere in the company. If your IT department is taking up too much time and attention, it can be beneficial to outsource it so you can focus on other areas of the business.

As you grow, you will need a wide range of IT skillsets to support the growing needs of your organization. That could be difficult to plan, costly to manage, and very inefficient until you reach a certain scale.

Eric Schueler​, Senior VP of Information Technology, HRCT

Internal IT staff only view one organization. They generally have 1 firewall, a couple of switches, a few servers, and a few more workstation computers. Outsourced IT companies see a much larger variety. They have hundreds of firewalls, switches, and servers. They support thousands of workstations and end-users. They can take that knowledge and apply it to multiple companies to ensure they are working at their best.

Jon Fausz, Director of Operations, 4BIS.COM

Better Support for Remote Work

With remote workers, IT companies are pros at providing the right solutions. This is why you can rely on them for your specific needs when it comes to accessing data remotely and getting technical support across all time zones!

Outsourcing your IT department helps make it easier to work from anywhere, any device, and any time requires specialized knowledge.

Michael Nelson, President & Founder, TLC Tech

Migration to the Cloud

There are plenty of reasons to outsource your IT department, but one of the biggest is cloud computing. By outsourcing IT, you can focus on other aspects of your business while still maintaining a secure and reliable infrastructure.

Cloud – Where to start? How to get there? How to secure it? There is a myriad of decisions that need to be made that include costs, security, accessibility, and ease of use.

Michael Nelson, President & Founder, TLC Tech

Cost Savings

Many companies struggle to cope with the ever-changing demands of customers and clients. Smaller businesses often lack the resources to hire full-time staff, but outsourcing IT allows them to use the skills of an entire team. Businesses may struggle to recruit IT departments that can handle the workload, but outsourcing IT makes this possible.

When you outsource, you eliminate the costs associated with hiring an employee, such as management oversight, training, health insurance, employment taxes, retirement plans, etc.

Aaron Kane, Chief Executive Officer, CTI Technology

Cost savings and buying power! Gain access to better pricing for licensing and hardware, while achieving more predictable IT-related costs.

John Gambill Jr., CEO & Co-Founder, GO Concepts

It’s not just the big things, it’s the little things that save a bunch of money for SMBs. You don’t know what you don’t know and partnering with MSP that is cost-conscious and are solid planners for finding technology that fits business needs.

Mark Veldhoff, CEO & Owner, Envizion IT

By outsourcing, you get access to a team of experts who can help you make the most of your technology investments.

Rob Gianinni, Chief Security Officer & CEO, GiaSpace

Outsourcing your IT department can offer several benefits for your business. From freeing up internal resources to reducing costs, outsourcing can help you improve your bottom line while still keeping your data and systems secure. What are other reasons you should consider outsourcing your IT? Let us know!

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